Deadpool And TJ Miller Answered Fan’s Questions, Gave Out Horribly Hilarious Life Advice

dear deadpool

YouTube - DailyBreakings

If you have seen the Deadpool movie, or know anything at all about the character Deadpool, you know that taking advice from him is probably not the smartest move you can make. Just ask his poor personal cabbie.

However, Deadpool and TJ Miller (as Weasel) hosting an advice show where fans ask them questions about life and they give some of the worst suggestions imaginable? That is a GREAT move.

Doling out completely non-useful tips on everything from Thanksgiving to wedding gifts to dealing with neighbors this might be the best advice show I’ve ever seen. Also, the least productive one, but hey, it’s Deadpool, what else would we expect?

Welcome to “Dear Deadpool…”

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