‘Dora The Explorer’ Actress Allegedly Called Schoolmate A P***y, Tried To Get Her To Smoke An E-Cig At School

Until today I never stopped to consider that the voice actress of Dora on Dora the Explorer would ever grow up, or for that matter I never stopped to think about Dora the Explorer at all because I’m not a toddler nor do I have children, but here we are, and I’m still laughing at this entire ordeal. Back in April my colleague Chris Illuminati brought you bros news that the actress who plays/voices Dora had been caught vaping at school, and that there were pending lawsuits.

Those lawsuits were premised upon another student’s parents who allege that the Dora actress, 14-year-old Fatima Ptacek, received preferential treatment from the school due to Fatima’s celebrity status (voicing 33 episodes of Dora is apparently a big deal in California). I honestly don’t give two flying shitsticks about the allegations of unfair treatment, I’m just here today to tell you bros what the other girl’s family is accusing the Dora actress of, because I find it to be laughable as hell when you consider this in the context of a teenage Nickelodeon actress.

The NYPost reports:

A private-school classmate says the voice actress behind the bilingual Nickelodeon character is anything but a wide-eyed innocent — painting her, in a new court filing, as a manipulative gutter-mouth who called her a “p—y” for refusing to try an e-cigarette in school.
The 14-year-old, identified as M.S. in court papers, says Dora actress Fatima Ptacek, 15, lured her into the bathroom of their Chelsea private school last year and pressured her into smoking out of a vape pen.
“I told her I didn’t want to, but she called me a ‘p—y’ and my competitive side kicked in,” M.S. explains in the recently-filed statement.
Faster than she could utter Dora’s catchphrase, “Swiper, no swiping!” M.S. adds, Ptacek “said some very unkind, hurtful things that in the moment made me feel vulnerable.”
“I know that had I been presented with situation like this again and had she made me feel pressured again I probably would have given in, in need to feel ‘cool’ or ‘accepted,’ which is a level that I cannot believe I stooped down to,” the teen said in the statement.

By the way, this is the Dora The Explorer actress (in the middle) that we’re talking about here, so you have a frame of reference:

Not a good look for Nickelodeon here, with their childhood stars calling kids pussies and allegedly getting preferential treatment because they appeared in some stupid show. You’ve got to give that other kid props though, her ‘competitive side’ kicked in when Dora called her a pussy, and she turned into Mary McFly every time Biff Tannen calls him a chicken. Frankly, I didn’t realize that 14-year-olds had competitive sides when it came to the wide world of vaping and e-cigs, so I guess that old mantra of ‘you learn something new every day’ still holds true, kind of. As for the e-cigs and vaping I suggest they knock that shit out, because this is what they’ll grow up to be:

I’m also kind of shocked that during the decade I lived in Manhattan I never took notice of this school, Avenues: The World School, on 10th ave and 25th street. Mostly because I used to drive past that spot once a week during the Summer when I’d shoot up the West Side Highway from my place in SoHo on my way to the bridge while heading upstate. If a school’s that prestigious and bringing in $40,000/year in tuition you’d think it would’ve been more noticeable, but today’s the first time I’m ever hearing about it. I guess the only times I was ever on the street over there was a block or so away at the UCB Theater, but still, I’d imagine a building like that for a prestigious school would be more prominent…Guess not.

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If you’re interested in the details of the lawsuit you can CLICK HERE to head on over to the New York Post.

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