Emma Watson Somehow Continues To Become Even More Awesome As Now She’s Been Learning To Fight (PICS)

Emma Watson may not be making many movies that we want to see since she gave up being Hermoine, but she’s most definitely still been keeping busy.

She’s been training to become a yoga instructor, studying up on how the be better at sex, chasing down web sites who post semi-nude photos of her, and, oh yeah, doing her thing as a UN Global Goodwill Ambassador. That too.

It’s that last item on her resume that I mentioned which led her to taking some training on how to be a fighter last week.

While attending the One Young World Summit in Ottawa, Canada, Watson participated in a training session put on by SheFighter, a women’s self-defense studio located in Jordan and the first one to open in the Middle East.

Her trainer, Lina Khalifeh, has a black belt in taekwondo, and is the founder of SheFighter.

Said Khalifeh about Watson, “It was an honor to meet and train actress and activist, Emma Watson. I am proud to say that she did great during our training session. She kicked some butt!”

Here they are at the event working on some fighting and self-defense skills…

As for whether Khalifeh took it easy on Watson in their session, apparently she didn’t…

And here we thought Emma Watson couldn’t become any more of a dream bae…

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