This Is What Will Happen When The ‘Entourage’ Movie Wins All Of The Golden Globes Next Year

The Entourage movie is coming and it can’t get here fast enough. Based off the trailer, clearly the Entourage movie deserves to win all of the Golden Globes at next year’s show. I mean, hey — The movie features Golden Globe winners Billy Bob Thorton and Jeremy Piven, plus the gang was filming SCENES FOR THE MOVIE ITSELF ON THE RED CARPET LAST NIGHT. It’s pretty much a mortal lock to win Golden Globes next year for pure meta value alone, right?

I’m not an idiot. I don’t think the Entourage movie will win any Golden Globes next year, this entire post is just an exercise in having a creative imagination. But if it did win, the parody Twitter account Assistant To Doug Ellin hilariously envisioned what Mr. Ellin’s speech will look like:

Look, I know 2015 just started, but let’s try to make it happen, Hollywood Foreign Press Association. This would be the best thing to ever happen in Hollywood history.

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