Absolutely Epic ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Crash Involves A 50+ Car Pile Up That Goes On For Five Straight Minutes

This is the hardest I’ve laughed at something in Grand Theft Auto V for a long time. Maybe since the guy modded GTA V to play as animals? Or the guy who modded the game to shoot cars out of guns? I don’t know.

YouTuber Hoosker Don’t fell off his bike while cruising down a freeway. This caused a fender bender that descended into absolute chaos and continued for a solid five minutes, with dozens and dozens of cars slamming into each other. Many of the passengers climb out of the vehicles and run around, screaming in hysteria that all-too-familiar GTA V scream.

I absolutely lost it at 1:25 when the paramedics become a part of the pile-up. It reminded me of all time classic Tommy Boy scene:

Just another day in Los Santos.

[H/T: Death And Taxes]