10 Reasons You Should Be Excited for ‘Grand Theft Auto’ 5

10. GTA V will have the largest selection of vehicles ever.

Grand Theft Auto V is set to have the largest selection of vehicles out of the entire series. From bikes, trucks, a variety of cars, helicopters, planes, ATVs, jet skis, and even a submarine – you’re going to be switching vehicles more than a hooker changes condoms. The open world is massive, so given that, you’ll need a fleet of cars, bikes, etc. to make your way through. For the very first time ever, an underwater world will be made open for you to explore via scuba-diving with flippers, snorkels and even an oxygen tank, OR you can simply hop into your pimped out submarine.  With options like these, how can’t you be excited!

9. Animals will include coyotes, bobcats, sharks, and cougars.

“Hunt and be hunted,” as described in the gameplay trailer is taking the countryside of Blaine County to an entirely new level. The realistic and thriving ecosystem will have animals – and they’re coming after you! Animals confirmed so far are coyotes, bobcats, sharks, cougars, deer, guard dogs and moray eel. The guard dogs are said to drastically improve stealth missions and you’ll want to think twice before taking a dip or heading out near the forested region of Mount Chiliad which will probably be guarded by bobcats.

8. GTA V's map is five times the size of Red Dead Redemption.

If you’ve ever played Red Dead Redemption, then you’re well aware it’s pretty big. It spanned across 2 fictitious U.S. counties and a Mexican State; Rockstar’s wild west adventure had a lot for you to see and do. It was larger than GTA IV, so the news that GTA V is FIVE times larger than Red Dead Redemption is some majorly exciting news.

7. The game is fully-accessible from the start.

Since developers made the game so big, it’s only smart for them to allow gamers to experience it all from the start, right? Rockstar has always made a map unlocking feature in the GTA series, where certain areas of the game will only become accessible upon completion of a certain mission. But now, you will not have to worry about bridges to certain cities being on lock-down because of tornado warnings – you’ll have complete full access to the entire game from the start to explore in any way you wish. FREEDOM!

6. Randomised Dynamic Missions.

Rockstar is bringing Randomised Dynamic Missions from Red Dead Redemption into GTA V. Randomised Dynamic Missions liven up the gameplay, for instance in RDR, a character would stumble upon random encounters like ambushes, devious cannibals, or ‘fetch quests.’ In GTA V you should expect muggings, assaults, hitch-hikers – and it’s up to you completely, how you handle these situations.

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5. You can invest in stock.

Just like in 2004’s San Andreas, players should be pleased to know they will be able to once again purchase property. Then, gamers could purchase safe-houses or an abandoned airstrip with aircraft hangers where helicopters and planes could be stored. You can invest in property like in GTA Vice City where a player could buy businesses such as Cherry Poppers Ice Cream Factory, a Boatyard or Pole Position Club. You will also, judging by the above screenshot, be able to invest in Ammunation, the famed gun shop. In past titles, investing in businesses rewarded you with ‘perks,’ and in this case, investing in Ammunation may possibly give you discounted or better yet, FREE guns? We can only hope!

4. The Police AI are a lot more sophisticated.

The Police AI (Artificial Intelligence) are a lot more sophisticated in GTA V. The stars system for wanted levels returns and at the lower levels, police will use tasers instead of loaded firearms. Yes, because who really gets shot to death for punching a guy out? Cops will send out Rottweiler’s to chase fleeing perps and when the wanted level rating increases, snipers are called in! Better keep an eye out for that red dot on your forehead during a police chase now! Breaking the law will be a lot more fun and interesting in GTA V.

3. NPC’s now have a life of their own.

In past GTA games, NPC’s always appeared to just be mulling around aimlessly, but in GTA V they will actually have lives and hobbies of their own. NPC’s will be taking part in activities appropriately related to the areas they’re in. For instance, drug addicts will be passed out on the beach, and they’ll be other scuba-divers exploring the murky, open waters alongside you.

2. You can fly a blimp!

You’re dreams are coming true! Nothing says Grand Theft Auto quite like flying a blimp! It’s actually known as the “Atomic Blimp” and Rockstar describes it as, “the most iconic and leisurely aircraft in the Los Santos skies.” There is a catch – you can’t fly that giant bag of helium without preordering the Special and Collector’s Editions of the game. However, we’re assuming it may be made available through some cheats.

1. There’s a mystery shed.

If you don’t use Reddit, then the news that there’s a mysterious shed at the top of Mount Chiliad may come as a surprise to you. The wooden hut-like structure, dubbed “The Shed” can be seen at the 00:27 mark in the gameplay video and gamers are going wild with curiosity over what’s in there? The purpose of the ‘mysterious shed’ located at the top of the game’s highest mountain is still unknown, but it’ll sure get you traveling up Mount Chiliad to see what’s waiting for you!

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