Fappening Victims Threatening To Sue Google For $100 Million

Celebrities affected by the hacked photo scandal known as The Fappening or Celebgate have had their lawyers send a letter to Google threatening to sue the company for $100 million for what they say is its role in the photos being distributed across the Internet.

Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer, who represents over a dozen unnamed female celebs who were hacked, says that he has sent numerous letters to Google asking them to remove the stolen images but that many are still available on Google-owned sites BlogSpot and YouTube.

Singer adds, “Google knows the images are hacked stolen property, private and confidential photos and videos unlawfully obtained and posted by pervert predators who are violating the victims’ privacy rights … Yet Google has taken little or no action to stop these outrageous violations.”

The letter continues, “Because the victims are celebrities with valuable publicity rights you do nothing — nothing but collect millions of dollars in advertising revenue … as you seek to capitalize on this scandal rather than quash it. Like the NFL, which turned a blind eye while its players assaulted and victimized women and children, Google has turned a blind eye while its sites repeatedly exploit and victimize these women.”

Way to use the NFL card there, Marty. Smooooth…

Google, naturally, disagrees…

“We’ve removed tens of thousands of pictures — within hours of the requests being made — and we have closed hundreds of accounts,” a spokesperson for the company told Page Six in a statement. “The internet is used for many good things. Stealing people’s private photos is not one of them.”

While it would seem to the average person that removing ALL of the dozens if not hundreds of photos from the multitude of Google-related sites, especially those using Blogspot, would be a nearly impossible task, it shall be very interesting to see how this is resolved, if at all.

Kate Upton image by Anton Oparin/Shutterstock; Jennifer Lawrence image by Jaguar PS/Shutterstock