20 Iconic Fictional Places Where We Want To Smoke Weed, Including Craig’s Front Porch In ‘Friday’

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in King’s Landing?

If you are not a Game of Thrones fan, no worries. Think of another fictional location and go there instead. As long as you can find a place to go that once existed on the big screen, it works for us. Just get that imagination working and get there.

But what if you were blazing one up? Then where would you go?

King’s Landing might not be the best idea of a place you would want to be while you are higher than a giraffe’s ass. Hogwart’s, however, would be an amazing place to go to and explore while you ride the wave.

A lot of you might agree and disagree with these following places but the one thing we can all agree on is that just being able to party and visit these places would be the most exciting ride of anyone’s life.

Let’s get this party started, shall we?

20. Craig’s Front Porch – Friday

The movie Friday is a classic stoner film that has inspired a few sequels and a million culturally important terms like “Bye Felicia”. It all started with a quick smoke break on the front porch of Craig’s parents home where Craig and Smokey spent most of their time. It is as iconic of a film setting as they come in the stoner movie genre.

19. Café 80’s – Back to the Future II

Think about this one for a minute. You are looking for a place from a movie to get stoned so why not travel to the future and smoke it up in the classic downtown diner from Back to the Future II? The entire idea is perfect. From the hooverboards to the outfits, there is nothing more exciting than this place.

18. Library – The Breakfast Club

Almost everyone reading this has seen The Breakfast Club at some point in time. For those of you who have not, let’s just say that four kids (Molly Ringwald in her prime) are locked in the school’s gigantic two-story library for an entire Saturday to serve detention. There are just so many places to get stoned and feel a sense of comfort knowing that the Queen of the 80’s sat in that exact spot.

17. Dante’s Basement – Grandma’s Boy

Smoking in Dante’s basement isn’t anything new but it would be great to see a Lion.

16. Mr. Macintosh’s House – Blank Check

A giant slide from your home office that goes downstairs to a giant pool is about the best thing you can do when trying to enjoy a high. But then there is a game room, giant beds, and a limo driver that will bring you anywhere you want to go.

15. Arnold Stoner’s Living Room – Up in Smoke

When you’re living room has tons of windows overlooking your topiary, a fully stocked bar, and one of the most comfortable looking couches in movie history, you would end up spending your entire life in that place. Trust us. Tommy Chong basically did.

14. Thurgood Jenkins Apartment – Half-Baked

No, not every choice is going to be obvious. However, Thurgood Jenkins apartment is literally the perfect stoner home if you had a million dollars to build one. There are more colors in that apartment than at a Crayola factory.

13. The Tree house – Step Brothers

Yep, the infamous tree house where Derek was kicked out of, literally, and it comes fully stocked with Playboy’s from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Since you can hear anyone coming a mile away, there will be no interruptions. Enjoy that climb on the mountain.

12. Grinch’s Home – How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Speaking of mountain’s, the real-life version of the Grinch showed us one of the most creative depictions of his home we have ever seen. It is high up and hidden deep inside the mountain, perfect for a relaxing moment of zen.

11. Austin Powers’ Shag Pad – Austin Powers

The Shag Pad is used for one reason, shagging. So if you happen to find yourself with a chance to smoke and hang out in the Shag Pad, there is a very high probability for you to run into a few ladies making it a double bonus.

10. The Emporium – Dazed and Confused

There aren’t too many high school movies that we wanted to use but The Emporium from Dazed and Confused is one of the most iconic movie places in stoner film history. It would be cool to hang out and get stoned in the very same place Matthew McConnaughey delivered some of the best lines of the entire movie.

9. Police Station – Super Troopers

If any of this ends up becoming a reality, can we at least request the entire Super Troopers squad to be present just so we can shoot zingers at Farva?

8. The Cullen Glass House – Twilight

No, we didn’t see this movie. But from what we heard, they live in a house that is nearly completely made of glass and is somewhere in the wilderness surrounded by trees and various other animals. There is no way you wouldn’t have the greatest high in your life from this room.

7. Emerald City – Wizard of Oz

Much like the Hunger Games, the Emerald City is about the craziest place for anyone tripping on acid or mushrooms to go, ever. However, weed is different. It doesn’t have the same control over your psyche and will end up allowing you to enjoy the yellow brick road and the horse that changes color.

6. Jackie Treehorn’s Modern Home – The Big Lebowski

It was nothing more than a house designed so that we could get on board with the fact that Julianne Moore was naked from the floor up. Her home was as 70s as it can get and there is no reason to believe this place isn’t stocked with beautiful women daily.

5. The Capitol – The Hunger Games

Before the final movie or after? It might work best if you get to the Capital during the first couple of films just so you can take advantage of the insanity of it all.

4. Lost Boy’s Tree House – Hook

This would be fun alone. If you bring a few friends, there is a 99% chance a Rufio chant will commence upon arrival and never end.

3. Jack Rabbit Slim’s – Pulp Fiction

You are nuts if you are not including Jack Rabbit Slim’s on your list of movie places to get high. Nuts!

2. Tony Stark’s Cliffside Mansion – Iron Man 2

A billionaire is going to have the most amazing pad anyways but the reason Tony Stark’s is on the list is because you are overlooking the ocean from atop a cliff. The scenery alone makes for one amazing trip.

1. John Baskins Apartment – Big

A grown man is one thing but a kid in a grown man’s body is another. John Baskins was a kid that got his wish and became a man. So it was natural that he would fill his apartment with toys, games, and a giant trampoline. If there is a better place to party, we can’t think of one.