‘Fight Club 2’ Is Being Released As A Graphic Novel And You Can Read The First 6 Pages Here!

While most of us know Fight Club solely as being the classic cult movie starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, in reality it started out as a novel written by Chuck Palahniuk. Not gonna lie, I thought the movie was much better than the book, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no reason to release a sequel to the novel, right? Money is money, and I’m sure people have been wondering about what happened to Tyler Durden and the narrator after Fight Club ended.

Well all those people (including myself) are in luck, since Fight Club 2 is set to hit shelves on May 27th as a graphic novel. Yup, that means it’s got lots of pretty pictures to look at instead of small words stacked high to low on a white page. Even luckier is the fact that Dark Horse premiered the first six pages of the novel at Playboy, which you can read below.

And if you’re worried about the fact that most sequels tend to suck…don’t worry. This looks just as dark and atmospheric as the original Fight Club was.

Dark Horse
Dark Horse

[H/T Uproxx and Playboy]