The First Image Of Pennywise In The New ‘IT’ Remake Is Here And Guaranteed To Give You Nightmares For Months

Bill Skarsgard, known primarily for his role on Netflix’s Hemlock Grove, is here to make you shit your pants in fear with his take on the role of Pennywise, the infamous clown who spent his time terrifying children and living in sewers (not joking) in Stephen King’s IT. “It’s such an extreme character. Inhumane,” he explains, “it’s beyond even a sociopath, because he’s not even human. He’s not even a clown. I’m playing just one of the beings It creates.”

Good to see you’ve read the book, Skarsgard. And while I’m skeptical of this remake for a multitude of reasons (the first being that Cary Fukunaga was originally set to direct, then left when the script got cut into your generic “blah” horror flick), the first promo shot we have of Skarsgard’s clown…eh, well it’s no Tim Curry, but it ain’t bad either:

Directed by Andres Muschietti, IT is scheduled for a September 8, 2017 release date.


[H/T Entertainment Weekly]