The Foo Fighters Closed Out The ‘Late Show’ By Playing David Letterman’s Favorite Song And It Was Perfect

When David Letterman returned to the Late Show from open-heart surgery in 2000, he requested that his favorite band swing by to play his favorite song. The Foo Fighters, despite being out on tour, dropped everything to come perform Everlong.

That’s when you know you’ve made it.

So there was only one way to close out Letterman’s final show last night. And, boy, was it perfect.

Dave Grohl & Co. performed an extended version of the song while a montage of Letterman’s most memorable moments flashed in rapid succession. While it’s hard to distill 33 years of brilliance into six minutes, the video did a damn good job.

Even if you aren’t the biggest Letterman fan, you can’t help but feel a twinge of sadness that one of the most influential comedic voices on television is signing off.

Truly the end of an era.