Frank Underwood Takes A Brutal Shot At Zoe Barnes In The Latest Trailer For ‘House Of Cards’

If you are going to a murder a reporter to keep your (other) murderous actions secret, and are able to keep it quiet during your march to the presidency, you might get a little cocky.

Frank Underwood certainly is in this latest teaser for House of Cards, promising to put America back on track with a subtle dig at his dead nemesis.

Is this an implication that the Barnes’ murder will be a key plot in the fourth season? I certainly hope so, otherwise that whole storyline was utterly worthless. Imagine a sitting U.S. president dealing with a murder charge. If anyone could handle it, it’s Underwood.

The new season is just a little over a month away, coming out on March 4th. Get pumped, Bros.

[H/T Vulture]