Happy 70th Birthday To Freddie Mercury! Legendary Singer Gets An Asteroid For His Cake Day

What do you get for one of the greatest entertainers of all-time for their 70th birthday? You get them a goddamn asteroid, that’s what you get them.

Freddie Mercury would have been 70-years-old today! So to celebrate the iconic lead singer of Queen’s birthday an asteroid was named in his honor.

Asteroid 17473 was discovered in 1991, coincidentally the same year that Freddie died, and now it will be known for the otherworldly Freddie Mercury.

There was a ceremony held at Montreux Casino in Switzerland where 1,250 fans and Queen guitarist Brian May came together to pay tribute to the late great Mercury.

May addressed the crowd, “And so – for its first appearance in public – Asteroid Freddiemercury – happy birthday Freddie!”

There naming was marked with an official certificate.

“Freddie Mercury sang, ‘I’m a shooting star leaping through the sky’ – and now that is even more true than ever before,” Joel Parker of the Southwest Research Institute said. “But even if you can’t see Freddie Mercury leaping through the sky, you can be sure he’s there – ‘floating around in ecstasy’, as he might sing – for millennia to come.”