Remember ‘Ugly Naked Guy’ From ‘Friends’? Someone Spent A Whole Year Tracking Him Down And We Now Know Who He Was

I only ever really came around to Friends when the show hit Netflix and I was at a place in life where I’d already binge watched everything else on Netflix and was in desperate need of a new (long) series to eat up a chunk of time. When Friends was on TV from 1994-2004 I’d catch an episode here or there if it was on TV but at no point in my life did I ever sit down in front of the televisions with my intent to watch an episode of Friends.

I do however recall the ‘Ugly Naked Guy’ as being a pretty important tertiary character. He wasn’t a member for the core actors, nor was he part of the secondary characters like Phoebe’s sister or that dude who ran the coffee shop. The ‘Ugly Naked Guy’ was sort of a mystery, but he was always there…not usually on camera but they were often talking about him, only twice did he actually appear on camera. Well, after an ENTIRE YEAR of investigation someone from The Huffington Post has finally figured out who the ‘Ugly Naked Guy’ really is.

Here’s the character, in case you’ve forgotten:

And here’s the man himself, Jon Haugen, who played ‘Ugly Naked Guy’ on Friends:

Now we know. After all these years we finally sleep well at night knowing who the ‘Ugly Naked Guy’ from Friends truly was.

The tenacity with which this Huffington Post reporter searched for the identity of ‘Ugly Naked Guy’ is actually a little bit spooky. They spent an ENTIRE GODDAMN YEAR tracking this man down, speaking with countless casting directors, actors, and more. It’s really worth a read if you’re into reading about the depths of insanity: My Year-Long Quest To Uncover The Identity Of ‘Ugly Naked Guy’.

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