Report Claims Fyre Festival Co-Founder Paid Kendall Jenner An ASININE Amount For Promotion

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The Fyre Festival was a complete shit show. Videos and pictures taken from people who attended Fyre Festival before it was canceled make the place look like it was literally hell on earth, which is actually hard to do for that area of The Bahamas.

Some people shelled out $12k for tickets to Fyre Festival, which was to be held in The Exumas, an area of The Bahamas with sapphire blue waters and serene pink sand beaches. But, as we all know by now, the people planning this festival royally fucked up and it was canceled after attendees were fed cheese sandwiches. There’s already a $100 million class-action lawsuit filed against the Fyre Festival organizers…and that lawsuit is set to be a shit storm after a report from VICE.

The report claims that Fyre Festival co-founder Billy McFarland squandered millions by spending it on complete bullshit. Most notably, he allegedly paid Kendall Jenner hundreds of thousands of dollars FOR ONE SINGLE INSTAGRAM POST.

He spent $250,000 on a single Instagram post from Kim Kardashian’s half-sister Kendall Jenner and laid out hundreds of thousands more on lesser-name “influencers,” none of whom were paid less than $20,000, one person familiar with the payments said.
Only one model — “Gone Girl” actress Emily Ratajkowski — labeled her promotion as an ad, as required by the Federal Trade Commission. The other models’ omissions are now the subject of a class-action lawsuit.

The entire report from VICE News is insane. The gross misappropriation of funds that went into putting Fyre Festival together should make for a great case study on how to ensure you never have a job again. Every decision they made seems well-intentioned, but it’s obvious that the people who put Fyre Festival together didn’t have a fucking clue about what goes into actually throwing a music festival.

I highly suggest reading the full exposé on VICE News.

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