‘Game Of Thrones’ Got Busted With This Massive Continuity Error After Last Night’s Episode (SPOILERS)

If you didn’t watch Game of Thrones last night, why did you click this? Are you looking for spoilers? Well if you want to ruin it for yourself, be my guest – just don’t go bitchin’ everywhere about it.

At the end of last night’s episode we got to see Melisandre in her true form, which is apparently a wrinkly old woman who dates back to the Stone Age:



Literally terrifying; as in seeing her like this will make you look at her during future episodes and go “Ewwwww” even if she’s still in her mega-hot redheaded babe form.

Apparently, taking off the giant red choker she wears reverts Melisandre into that creature from the black lagoon up top. What choker, you ask? This choker:



But if you’re sitting there like “Wait a minute, there’s no WAY Melisandre wore that necklace all throughout seasons 1-5 without me noticing,” you’re…mostly right. There was one point in season four where Melisandre took a bath and wasn’t wearing her necklace:

And while this is definitely a continuity error, Reddit users PM-ME-YOUR-SUNSETS and grrionfire interpreted it in a different way:

PM-ME-YOUR-SUNSETS: Maybe it’s not necessarily the necklace that keeps her in her beautiful form. To me it just seemed like Melisandre was just shedding away the layers of what she appears to be so that she could look at her true self. This could be something she can do on her own. A gift from the Lord of Light.

If she turned old every time someone tore off her necklace, I’d think she’d be more standoffish and cautious of anyone coming near her.

Grrionfire: Yeah, in that bathtub scene she talks about the smoke and mirrors she uses to make people believe in her. The only person looking at her in that scene was Selyse, a devout follower. So maybe she used some other trick… Or… Maybe Selyse could always see the red woman as she was. She never seemed concerned that this sexy lady was tempting her hubby all the time. Hmmmm.

However, according to previous media reports, Entertainment Weekly writes that Clarice van Houten (the actress who plays Melisandre) has suggested that Melisandre is actually at least 100 years old, maybe even 400. According to director Jeremy Podeswa:

“The idea is there’s an indefinite indeterminate quality that she could be ancient,” Podeswa says. “We were limited by choosing to use a real person rather than a complete CG creation. Because what does a 400-year-old person look like? We don’t know. So if you try to create that, then you’re creating something that looks beyond our known reality. Here you feel like she’s very old without putting a number on it.”

Continues the director: “I think the performance of both actresses helps making her look ageless. There was a question of whether we should add more effects to make [the body double] look older, but I think anything we could have done would have made them look less real. When doing a fantasy show – or a show with fantasy elements – the more you can anchor an effect to reality the stronger the illusion is.”

What do you think? Continuity error, or up for interpretation?

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