Maisie Williams Just Read The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Script And A Girl Says It’s Gonna Blow Your #$@&%*! Mind

I just threw on ‘Light of the Seven‘ to write this post, and I’m already jacked thinking about Game of Thrones coming back. I mean, it’s not *that* far away. Summer’s almost over, then it’s fall, then winter, then spring, then Game of Thrones.

God, someone just shoot me now. I don’t want to wait that long.

And it’s gonna be good.

Maisie Williams took to Twitter just now to announce she’d finished reading the script for season seven and she sounds fucking STOKED.

If you recall (you haven’t forgotten), Arya Stark just left Braavos, with her magic face-changing ability, and is headed to Winterfell.

Right now, Winterfell is firmly in control of Sansa and Jon Snow, with Bran coming back from across the wall. Could a Stark family reunion be on the horizon?

Or better yet, because you know it will happen, how will they all die?

Get pumped.