The Official Gameplay Trailer for ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Is Here and It’s SICK!

A few bullet-point highlights worth drawing your attention to, via HuffPo UK:

  • Mini-games including tennis, cycling, diving, hunting (of deer? or llamas?), bounty hunting, stock trading – you're not going to get bored in Los Santos
  • The graphics are ridiculous. That Rockstar is getting this to work on Xbox 360 or PS3 is just incredible.
  • Customization is a huge deal in GTA 5 – with cars, clothing and weapons all included with dozens of different options
  • Flight looks simple and fun, and kinetic
  • Lots of focus on game mechanics and how they've improved – driving and shooting in particular look tightened up and thoughtful
  • Trevor – the lunatic killer of the three protagonists – smashing a limb into a toilet is hideously disturbing. He's the wildcard here. CAN'T WAIT to play as him
  • Cutting between vantage points mid-mission, to provide sniping support and escape routes looks neatly done – and is hopefully flexible enough to allow for new tactics

I pre-ordered this months ago when I bought Bioshock Infinite, but I can't say it enough: