George R.R. Martin Throws Out A Big ‘Fuck You’ To People Who Don’t Think He’ll Finish ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’

In an interview with a Swiss newspaper called Tagesanzeiger, George R.R. Martin not only flipped off the camera but threw out a big “Fuck You” to the people who are saying that he’ll probably drop dead before he finishes writing A Song of Ice and Fire. To be fair the guy’s 65 and has NO idea when he’ll be done writing the next book. So yeah, there’s a chance he’ll die before he finishes considering it took SIX YEARS for the 5th book, A Dance With Dragons, to come out. It’s already been three years since the most recent book came out, so if we’re moving at a constant six-year rate he’ll be 74 by the time the series is finished…and most of my grandparents dropped dead by 75. Cutting it a little close, aren’t we?

Check out the interview here.

[H/T Uproxx]