Watch This World Cup Reporter Shit Bricks When A Drunk German Dude Tongues All Over Her Face

Considering she’s reporting outside of a bar during the aftermath of a World Cup game I’m not quite sure what she expected. There’s literally a crowd full of drunk Germans standing behind her, and then at one point it looks like some guy just lays down in the dirt behind her. Why? No fuckin’ clue, Germans are weird, and I would know because my cousins live there. Something’s in the water, and it’s probably beer mixed with a little bit of cocaine. As for the guy who starts mackin’ on her face, good for you dude. You not only managed to make poor Katie Nolan here look disturbed but probably also piss her pants at the same time. ‘Tis a rare skill that takes years of training to be able to do both simultaneously.

Watch the master at work below:

[H/T Uproxx]