Here’s The Commercial GoDaddy Was Forced To Pull From The Super Bowl Because Of Animal Cruelty

You know what I never liked about GoDaddy’s Super Bowl commercials? The whole “go see how this ends on” aspect. FUCK YOU. I’m watching the goddamn Super Bowl here, do you think I give a shit what happens to the mildly attractive Danica Patrick, or any other spokesmodel, at the end of this commercial? I already know she’s not joining a wild sodomy orgy so why would I waste my time? I wouldn’t.

Sorry. I’ve been holding that aggression in for far too long. Anyway…

This year, GoDaddy went in a different direction. They decided to go away from their oft-used “go see more” Super Bowl commercial model. Instead, they made a parody about a lost puppy finding his way home and jumping in the arms of his excited owner. But there’s a catch: his owner is a breeder and she’s only pumped to see him because she sold his ass on a website she built thanks to GoDaddy and him coming home means $$$$$$ for her.

It’s not a particularly funny commercial to begin with but when people saw it, they failed to see anything other than inhumane treatment of animals. So now the GoDaddy Puppy commercial is forced to live on on the Internet. Which really burns my ass because seeing GoDaddy Super Bowl commercials on the Internet is what I’v been trying to avoid all these years.

What do you think? Is this a stupid, harmless parody? Or a careless production that promotes the mistreatment of animals?