MOTHER F*CK SH*T We’re Gonna Have To Wait Even Longer To See ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’


Immediately upon leaving the theater after seeing The Force Awakens, I pulled up my phone to check when Episode 8 came out. That was my main issue with J.J. Abrams’ movie. While A New Hope was a self-contained film, this one left so much intentionally unanswered.

You have to go see Episode 8 now. And while it was coming out in May of 2017, and you’d only have to wait 16 months to see it, that is now mother fuck shit no longer the case.

Episode 8 will now come out in December of 2017, or basically two fucking years from now.

Slash Film is reporting script rewrites are the cause of the delay, but who gives a fucking shit?

[H/T Esquire]