Good Day NY’s ‘Name That Tune’ Game Goes From Lame to Amazing With The Simple Addition of DMX Rapping ‘Suck My Dick’

It’s tough to make a network morning show interesting, but Good Day NY does as good a job as any. This morning, they really stepped up their game during their “Name That Tune” segment.

It started out like any other lame morning news segment, laden with some technical difficulties and boring banter, but things quickly took a turn for the awesome when DMX’s “Party Up” broke into the chorus, and it became clear that it was the unedited version. DMX is able to get through an n-bomb, before his aggressive shouting of “SUCK MY DICK” alerted the newscasters that this was probably not something that should be playing on live network television. Newscaster reactions to a curse getting through on live TV will never not be funny.

Part of me thinks the producers let shit like this happen because they know it’s the only way to get media buzz for a stale show like this. Nobody is gonna be talking about a show that goes well; we want the bloopers, fails, and DMX cursing. They came through in a big way this morning. Cheers to you, Good Day NY.