Travel From Castle Black To Dorne Using This Amazing Google Map Of Westeros

You know nothing Jon Snow, but maybe if he had this tremendous Google map of the world of Westeros he could at least know how to get from Castle Black to High Heart using the inter-kingdom Kingsroad.

The diehard Game of Thrones fan named selvag created and posted this extraordinary map of Westeros to Reddit.

This clean illustration portrayed as a Google Map, has all the major cities, roads, rivers and mountain ranges imagined in George R.R. Martin’s world.

While the opening credits sequence offers viewers a guide as to the world of Westeros, with this illustration you can actually map and visualize where all of the characters have been and are going. The best part is that it’s spoiler-free!

Unfortunately you will not be able to see Meereen because this map concentrates on the West.

You can even purchase this fine map on Etsy for the low, low price of $26.19.

The map does need some improvements such as cobblestone street view and maybe some tweaks in the methods of transportation such as adding horse, dragon or Hodor.

If only Americans were as enthusiastic in the geography of Europe as they are in the Seven Kingdoms.