How A Hilarious And Hot Latina Woman Became One Of Funniest White Guys* On TV

A quick glance at the landscape of late night TV and anyone will notice trends — white dudes. It’s been that way since the dawn of TV. Sure, there have been other ethnicities presented for short periods of time — Arsenio and George Lopez and then Arsenio again for some reason — but for more than 50 years, white guys have ruled late night.

Enter Fuse TV’s latest project — a talk show with absolutely no whites. At least not ON camera. “With a diverse cast and writing staff, White Guy* Talk Show celebrates the things we love about music, movies, social media, celebrity and tech news, but from a point of view that’s 100% unique to the talk show world: a younger, multicultural and millennial point of view. The half-hour daily show catches angles other shows miss, makes jokes other shows can’t and asks celeb guests the questions no one else asks.

So what does the asterisk stand for? *White guy not included. Neither host — Grace Parra or Saurin Choksi — are white but they do have something in common with the other caucasians of late night. Both are funny, great with guests and worth a viewing each and every night.

I talked to Grace Parra after a recent episode to discuss all things white guy, deal breakers and to suggest “less offensive” names for the show.

Who was your guest today? 

Jordin Sparks!

This is just an Internet rumor but have you heard the one about Jordin Sparks saying that her ex Jason Derulo would call out his own name during sex and do it in exactly the same sing-song way that he does in his songs? 

[Laughs] That can’t be real! Well, a) I hope that’s true because it’s the funniest story in the world and b) if it is true, I’m really glad she’s out of that relationship.

Is a man singing his own name during sex a deal breaker?

Here’s what it is — it’s a dealMAKER for exactly one sexual encounter and then it’s a deal breaker after that point.

It probably has to be the right name, too.

Yes. Jason Derulo is a very melodic name. Some names just wouldn’t work. Like if I were to sing my name, I’d probably have to also add my middle name. (signs) Grace Michelle Parra! sounds so much better than (sing) Grace Parra! And I’d also add a title. Like (sings) Grace Michelle Parra, MD!

That would absolutely intimidate me during sex.

The singing or the fact I was a doctor?

Both. Right after you sang I’d probably say “I’m sorry, this has never happened to me before.” 

Have you ever had to say that to a woman?

Only the very first time I had sex. Maybe instead of saying “this has never happened to me before” people should say “this has probably happen to you a bunch.” 

Ouch. That would just make me feel dirty. I think most of it comes from men and women fooling themselves into thinking they’re unique. Everything has pretty much happened to everyone. We’re all snowflakes, except, we’re all the same snowflake.

The title of your show is confusing as hell. Where are all the white guys?

Great question. We ate them all for breakfast and decided to do our own show around lunch time. Actually, the title was one of the first titles that the executive team, writers and staff landed on and liked. There wasn’t really any title standing out and when the idea of White Guy Talk Show was tossed around we all liked the ironic nature of the title.

As a white male, I’m incredibly offended by the name of the show and I’d like to make suggestions for new names. Please answer yes, no or maybe to the following suggestions —

Ok, let’s go…

“Incredibly Shy Of Any White Guys”

“White Guy Talks Slow” but you’ll have to be replaced as host by anyone from NPR or the south

Maybe when we have Macklemore on? But I’ll give that a maybe.

Speaking of offended, I recently spoke to Jim Norton who was a guest on White Guy Talk Show. We discussed how everyone is just waiting to get offended. Has anyone complained about the name of your show yet?

Yes, but I mean, you’re always going to have those trolls on Twitter “it says White Guy Talk Show, where the hell are all the white guys?!?” There hasn’t been that much. I think people who watch the show get the title. People who know nighttime talk get it. There are ton of white guys in late night. Just look around. But I’ve never had anyone say they’re offended. Although we have had some people do their own commentary on the show on YouTube. We had one guy do a video where he’s watching the show and asking where all the white guys are. He literally thought it was going to be about “white guy issues.”

I’m dying to know the issues facing white guys. 

I don’t know. Premature ejaculation? Sports? Tits?

Wait, here’s an issue facing white guys — not being allowed to say anything in jest because it will offend someone somewhere. 

Yes, that’s true. There’s a lot of apologizing by white guys these days.

You’ve worked with some of the whitest white guys around — people like Conan O’Brien and every single person on Glory Daze. How did a Latina woman from Texas get so good at making white guys funny?

You know what’s interesting, besides my new gig on White Guy Talk Show, you just mentioned two of my favorite jobs of all time. Yes, those were white guys, but there was a comedic sensibility with the staffs of those shows that transcended race. They were both very silly. Conan was amazing. I love Conan. I’m a ride or die bitch for Conan. Our show runner is from Conan so we feel like our show has that same sensibility.

As a Latino woman though, I don’t know, maybe it’s my upbringing in Texas. I was the first member of my family born in Texas. My parents and brother were born in Mexico. Growing up, there was a bit of hesitation to take to my nationality and identity. I hated it. I was the only student in my Catholic school that was Mexican. I think I just focused on shows made for white people in a rebellion. Like Beavis and Butthead, and Mike Judge, are both huge influences on my comedy. There’s a universality to his comedy. A universality that’s uniquely American.

I’m still offended by the name of the show, but, have me on as a guest and all my wounds will heal.

Sure. That sounds good.

Wait! I’ve got another show name — Grace Under Fire And That Indian Fella

[Laughs] Yes and yes! I’ll call a meeting right now.

Grace Parra and Saurin Choksi host White Guy* Talk Show weeknights at 11:30pm on Fuse

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