This GTA V In Real Life Is So Perfect In Every Carjacking And Gun-Toting Detail

There have been sooooo many GTA in real life videos, but this one may very well be the greatest of all-time.

The fine folks over at Corridor Digital remarkably re-created gameplay from Grand Theft Auto V in real life using only GoPro and iPhone cameras.

They spent the time to film from some of the iconic real-world Los Angeles-area locales that inspired the various Los Santos landmarks.

Every mannerism is perfectly replicated from the swaggerish walk to the peculiar bicycling mechanics. This GTA IRL has stunts, the same exact camera angles and even wads of cash flying out when someone is killed.

Here’s to technological advances and hoping that GTA 6 looks like this.

See exactly how they pulled off this perfect GTA IRL in this behind-the-scenes video.