HBO’s Long-Awaited ‘Deadwood’ Movie Has A Script And Looks Like It’s Actually Happening

by 2 years ago


After three seasons and 36 episodes, the last episode of HBO’s western drama “Deadwood” came way back on August 27, 2006. The show was canceled on a cliffhanger, which left fans craving more “Deadwood.” It’s been over a decade since “Deadwood” went off the air and since then there have been many rumors of the show coming back or a movie version being made, but nothing really seemed much more than speculation. Until now. HBO has received a script and an HBO head honcho really likes it, but it has to face a few more hurdles before a movie comes to fruition. The show’s creator David Milch has finished a script for a new movie and sent it to HBO programming president Casey Bloys a few months ago. Bloys has read the script and said it is “fantastic.”

“The one thing that I was concerned about was that I wanted a script that would stand on its own; that if you were a ‘Deadwood’ fan it would make you happy, and if you had never watched Deadwood you could still enjoy it,” Bloys said on Wednesday during HBO’s presentation at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. “I’m happy to say David totally delivered on that — it’s a fantastic script.”

However, he also said there are still some obstacles to delivering a movie including freeing up some money to fund the project.

“If we can do it for a budget that makes sense for us; and find a director — we’re talking to a few folks; and we can get the cast together — which is no easy task because everybody is all over the place — we’re inclined to do it, but we have to get over those hurdles. But the good news is, the script was terrific.”