Mashup Perfectly Pits Heath Ledger’s The Joker Vs. John McClane From ‘Die Hard’

This mashup is so masterfully done and the dialogue from the two movies mesh so well with one another that you’d swear it was from the same film. The mashup, which is perfectly manipulated by video editor DrMachakil, combines the unlikely amalgamation of The Dark Knight and Die Hard with a Vengeance.

In this video, The Joker’s archnemesis is not Batman, but rather NYPD Detective Lieutenant John McClane. Despite saving the Nakatomi Plaza from an East German terrorist plot on Christmas Eve lead by Hans Gruber, The Joker decides to take on McClane in an attempt to take over the city with diabolical schemes.

Heath Ledger’s Joker knows that McClane has his hands tied right now because he is suspended, but little does the Clown Prince of Crime know that Bruce Willis is about to be reinstated as a cop to save the city!

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