Dude’s Score On 2048 Is The Most Impressive Gaming Achievement Of The Year (Also, I Forgot This Game Existed)

There was a time, back when 2048 first dropped in the Apple App Store, when we got hyper-competitive in the BroBible office over who could pull off the highest score. I’ll give props where props are due, J-Camm was significantly better than the rest of us. For whatever reason he could just crush this game without ever fucking up, whereas I’m an extremely impatient person and I try to beast my way through the first 30 or so moves which ultimately leads to me fucking up constantly.

Anyways, I hadn’t thought about any of this shit in forever. I’d almost completely forgotten that this game ever even existed, much like Flappy Bird. After getting past 2048 a bunch of times this game totally lost its appeal for me, which is a shame. Because had I known I could keep going forever like this bro in the video above I probably would’ve fed my compulsive gaming addiction every day until now.

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