Hilarious Time-Lapse Of Chris Pratt Learning To Whistle Is Proof Nobody’s Perfect

If you’ve seen Jurassic World already then you know how Chris Pratt is whistling up a storm on the big screen. After all the magic of Hollywood editing it looked like Chris Pratt was one of the world’s best whistlers. His on-screen whistling is believable, sincere, and matches the tone of his acting. So I gotta say, bros, I was a little shocked when I found out that Chris Pratt actually can’t whistle for shiznit. Up until pre-production of Jurassic World Chris Pratt couldn’t whistle at all. His whistle wouldn’t wet. He was whistle impotent. And while watching this video I was reassured that for a brief period of time (most of our lives) there was something I was better at than Chris Pratt.

Then this mofo learned how to whistle, and was once again better at everything in life than me. I like to imagine that there’s a few things I could outshine Chris Pratt in though. Maybe a fishing contest? Perhaps I could hold my breath longer?

I guess there is one ace up my sleeve…One thing that I’m certainly able to do that Chris Pratt could never….I’m talking about my weird hand trick. If any of you bros follow BroBible closely you’ll remember the time I made a GIF of my double-jointed hand and that GIF went viral. Well, suck it Chris Pratt, you cannot do this: