Hollywood ‘Freaking Out’ After Actor And ‘Known Womanizer’ Tests HIV Positive

Hol-ee shit. Hollywood has officially become Sodom and Gomorrah (and no those aren’t the names of two strippers.) The town is freaking out because everyone might have more diseases than originally thought!

Hollywood is “gripped with fear” after a womanizing Tinseltown A-Lister has been diagnosed positive for HIV — panicking his long list of sexual partners, according to a published report.

“It has now become common knowledge that this star is HIV positive, something he has known for years,” an insider told The Sun newspaper of London, which attributed its report to unnamed sources, and didn’t name the infected Lothario.

So this HIV positive actor has known for years and not told anyone which is an absolutely dick move. The HIV positive actor hasn’t told anyone because he doesn’t want it to affect his career because, you know, fuck people’s health and lives.

According to Starcasm, the unknown actor fits this description:

Insiders explained the middle-aged actor — who was known for injecting drugs and a “playboy lifestyle”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Hollywood gossip story without a blind item so…

The actor’s list of exes includes “an award-winning actress, a religious movie star, a top Hollywood personality with a controversial past, a TV star, a media personality and a glamour model,” the site reported, without naming names.

Let the speculation and slander begin! Who ya got!?!?

[via NY Post]

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