Someone Figured Out How Much Money Jim Wasted On Pranking Dwight On ‘The Office’

Over the nine season run of The Office, Jim Halpert played 89 pranks on his co-worker Dwight Schrute. I don’t know that stat because I’m a genius, I know it because someone actually took the time to list every prank Jim played on Dwight and an estimated of what it would cost to pull them all off. Someone who, in his own words, apparently has no life. After seeing his detailed spreadsheet, you might find that statement of his to be pretty goddamn accurate.

Via Reddit:

So I apparently have no life, but here’s what is probably the best guess out of any. I used this list of pranks and I took it as an absolute (meaning if it wasn’t on the list, it wasn’t counted as a prank). I also ignored pranks that Jim played on people other than Dwight, because that’s what we really care about (and I misread the question). The total about spent on pranks was about $6,000 ($5590.95 according to my spreadsheet, but I probably underestimated). The average cost per prank was $62.82.

Most of Jim’s pranks took a lot of time and planning, but cost him no money. Also, many things used in his pranks did not have to be purchased by him (such as printing something off). Jim’s most expensive prank was when he and Pam learned Morse code so that they could talk about Dwight, since they said they took night courses and hired a nanny. I estimated this cost to be $3120, based on how long I thought the course should be, and the average salary of a nanny in the US. However, since you can easily learn Morse code online for free, the premise was a bit flawed.

If you want to see the full spreadsheet I used to collect all of the data, I put it into a Google doc here

I don’t know what part of this is based less in reality; the fact that someone could play 89 pranks on their coworker in nine years or that a man working as a paper salesmen in Scranton, PA, has an extra $6,000 just lying around.

Ponder that while you watch the top 10 Pranks from The Office