Did You Know There Are Hidden Messages In the Ending Credits of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’?

Season 1 —

Charlie and Glenn: “You stupid for playing this forward”.

Season 2 —

Rob and Glenn: – “Is a brown, is a brown, is a brown”. – “Good work”.

Season 3 —

All three (singing): “Make it brown” (4 times).

Season 4 —

All three (singing): “Clown baby, brown clown clown baby, brown clown”.

Season 5 —

Rob: “Next stop – brown town”.

Christmas Special —

Rob: “Sorry for wasting your time and money, but thanks for your money”.

Season 6 —

Glenn: “BROWN – now in HD”.

Season 7 —

Charlie: “Seven seasons of brown”.

Season 8 —

Rob: “The browning's will continue”.

[H/T: Reddit]