In Honor Of That James Brown Movie Opening, Let’s Watch His Weirdest Interview Ever

I feel like I might be too young to be fully aware of James Brown. I know many of his songs, obviously, but I don’t fully comprehend what the man, James Brown, was like. The new James Brown biopic, Get On Up, comes out today, and while I’m not sure I care enough about Brown to run out and see that, after watching this CNN interview from 25 years ago, I am exponentially more fascinated with the man.

We pick up with Brown having just posted bond to get out of jail after beating his wife with a lead pipe and firing a gun at a car that she was in. Hm, sounds like a chill guy! I’d imagine given the seriousness of these charges, we’ll encounter a somber, apologetic and remorseful Brown in this interview, yeah? NOT QUITE!

For any public figures who get into any type of trouble and then have to appear on television, this should be required viewing. Rather than address the charges, he just sings different soundbites from his songs… such a power move. And when that doesn’t seem to work, he just straight up denies anything happening.

James Brown: Nothing wrong.
Interview: Nothing wrong? You’re not in any difficulty, yet you’re out on bond…?
James Brown: No, I’m not.
Interview: Have all the charges been dropped?
James Brown: Yeah, I’m out on love.

There is just no arguing with that line of reasoning. At that point, James Brown just wins.

Check out the rest of the interview. The whole thing is gold.

[H/T Eli Braden]