January Jones Channeled Ricky Gervais And Posted Some Bathtub Photos, But It’s Her Sexy Librarian Pic I Care About

by 3 years ago

For reasons unbeknownst to me (or anyone) January Jones aka Betty Draper aka Emma Frost decided she would channel her inner-Ricky Gervais and post a series of weird bathtub photos. I have no idea what we’re supposed to think of these photos, if she was sober when she took them, and why she chose not to reveal her naked body that’s hiding underneath the water.

However, I am glad that I cam across these photos of January Jones in the bathtub because it got me scrolling through her Instagram feed to see what she’s been up to recently, and I was quite pleased to find her channeling ‘sexy librarian’ a few days/weeks ago. First up let’s look at her weird Ricky Gervasian photos (scroll past for her recent sexy pics on the ‘gram):

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