Wild ‘Star Wars’ Fan Theory Posits Jar Jar Binks Is A Sith Lord, Will Be Villain Of ‘The Force Awakens’

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Star Wars

Man. I read this on the crapper just now and immediately ran back to my seat to share it with you, Bros, because it is too good for you not to contemplate.

You hated Jar Jar Binks, right? I hated him, too. Horrible, bumbling, inept, annoying, he had every awful adjective thrown his way after The Phantom Menace. All deserved, too.

Then what was he doing there? Did you answer mind controlling the universe, setting up the events of the entire original trilogy? Reddit user Lumpawarroo believes so, and he makes a very, very convincing case.

First off, he dismisses the notion that Jar Jar was a klutz. Here he is “accidentally” shooting two droids.

This is one of the main reasons we as an audience hate Jar Jar so thoroughly; he breaks the fourth wall, he he shatters our suspension of disbelief, because we know that no one is really that lucky. We dismiss it as a lame, cliched trope– the silly pathetic oaf who always seems to inadvertently save the day.

I posit that, instead, this is a deliberate facade on the part of Jar Jar as a character, and on the part of the writers and animators. As we know, the Jedi themselves are inspired by Shaolin Monks, and there’s a particular kung fu discipline that Jar Jar’s physicality is purposefully modeled upon which allows him to appear goofy and uncoordinated even as he lays waste to his enemies; namely, Zui Quan, or Drunken Fist wushu. This discipline seeks to imitate the “sloshing,” seemingly random foibles of a drunkard, but in reality the staggering and stumbling is the use of bodily momentum, deception, and unpredictability intended to lure and confuse opponents.

So skilled warrior. Check. What about a shrew political operator and expert in Force manipulation?

Consider: We hate the way Jar Jar influences major plot points for the same reason we hate his physicality- it messes with our sense of realism. Two experienced Jedi on a serious mission would never actually bring someone that stupid along with them. No character that idiotic would ever really be made a general. They certainly wouldn’t be made a senator. How could anyone like Jar Jar really convince the entire galaxy to abandon democracy? That’s ridiculous.

These things are just the political version of his physical “luck.” Inadvertent, seemingly comical bumbling that just so happens to result in astoundingly positive results. But what if it isn’t inadvertant, and what if Jar Jar’s meteoric rise and inexplicable influence isn’t the result of dumb happenstance, but the result of extensive and careful use of force mind powers?

Jedi (and presumably Sith) exhibit telltale signs when using the Mind Trick to implant suggestions or influence behavior. For one, they always gesticulate and not-so-subtly wave their hands at the target.
Here’s a look at some pivotal Jar Jar moments during his political career:

Jar Jar [uses] Force Persuasion as he hand-waves the entire Galactic Senate and ushers in the death of democracy.

So what’s the deal, then? He was working with Palpantine the entire time.

Actually, if you watch the prequels with the idea that Jar Jar might be a manipulative, dark character, you begin to notice just how insidious and subtle his manipulation is, and how effective, in almost every sequence he’s involved in, and also just how hyper-aware of the overarching plot he really is.

Examples: Jar Jar tricking the Jedi into traveling through the planet core (so that they need him). Jar Jar carefully causing a scene so that they run into Anakin. Jar Jar constantly mocking Qui-Gon behind his back while Anakin is watching (so that Anakin learns disrespect for Jedi authority early on). Jar Jar telling an 8 year old child that the queen is “pretty hot,” fanning the flames of the child’s infatuation that is exploited later on. I could go on.

Now if you lend even the slightest credence to my above points, and acknowledge the possibility that Jar Jar might not be an idiot, you’re almost forced to conclude that Jar Jar Binks and Palpatine were co-conspirators. If Jar Jar is putting forth an elaborate act to deceive people, it means he’s not a fool… and if he’s not a fool, it means his actions in Episode II that facilitate Palpatine’s plans are not those of an unwitting tool- they are those of a partner.

But that’s just speculation. Let’s stick to what we know– what we know is that even after Palpatine is elected as Chancellor, years after Jar Jar has been “tricked” into helping elect him, Palpatine still hangs out with Jar Jar in RotS.. Why? Wouldn’t he be a constant source of public embarrassment? This is the same character who can’t walk five yards without stepping in poodoo or squealing like a rabid donkey, right? What use does he have now? Why is he still at the right hand of the most powerful person in the galaxy? Could it be that in fact Jar Jar is the most powerful person in the galaxy?

Jesus. Lumpawarroo then goes on to speculate that this reveal was going to happen at the end of Attack of the Clones, and it was Jar Jar who was going to fight Yoda on Geonosis, not Count Dooku. But George Lucas backed out of it when the backlash to Jar Jar was overwhelming. That’s why Dooku feels so forced. He wasn’t originally there.

But Jar Jar never dies in Revenge. So what’s he been doing?

Bidding his time. Rebuilding the Empire. And he will reappear in The Force Awakens. As Supreme Leader Snoke.


Read the whole brilliant amazing theory here.

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