Jared Leto Is Reportedly ‘Disappointed’ With ‘Suicide Squad,’ Feels Like He Was ‘Tricked’ Into Doing The Movie

By now it’s no secret that Suicide Squad sucks. While I, for one, enjoy watching DC movies get over-hyped just to flounder come premiere time, I can imagine those involved with the film’s production don’t quite feel the same way. Maybe the backup camera technician who shows up to work stoned off his gourd every shift doesn’t give that much of a damn as long as his paycheck clears, but Jared Leto takes his job seriously. His role as the Joker was one of the most heavily-promoted performances in years, yet unfortunately for Leto (and anyone who bought a ticket only to find that Joker had maybe 10 minutes of screen time, if that) what he thought he was signing up for and what he actually signed up for wound up being two completely different things.

During a Q&A segment, Leto revealed to fans that he felt he had been tricked into starring in the movie, and that the theatrical cut did not live up to the pitch that studio executives gave him prior to filming:

He was very honest about the film this weekend; his disappointment in what he’s learned of the theatrical cut (he’s still not seen the film); feeling sort of tricked into being a part of something that had been pitched to him very differently; thinking it would’ve been more artistic than what it became; feeling overwhelmed by the hate regarding the look and choices…

For what it’s worth, although Leto appears to have a case of buyer’s remorse he’s at least remained consistent with his story. In an interview with BBC Radio 1 host Edith Bowman, Leto admitted that some of the scenes he shot alongside Margot Robbie were some of his favorite work he’s ever done on-screen. “I think that I brought so much to the table in every scene that it was probably more about filtering all of the insanity, because I wanted to give a lot of options, and I think there’s probably enough footage in this film for a Joker movie,” he explained.

Unfortunately for audiences, the likelihood of seeing Leto’s cut scenes are slim unless Warner Bros. decides to include them on the DVD release as deleted scenes. Even so, it’s not the way Leto wanted the Joker to be portrayed. “I always wished this film was rated R, and I had actually said that when we were starting,” he laments, “it felt like if a film was ever going to be rated R it should be the one about the villains.”

Now, YOU may agree with that and I may agree with that and Leto obviously is on board, but will that ever happen? Doubtful. Gotta rake in the $$$ from the little kiddies who aren’t old enough to see R-rated movies but wanna see their favorite superheroes/villains blow shit up. “Lose out on profits but potentially make a better movie? PREPOSTEROUS!” shouts Warner Bros. CEO Kevin Tsujihara, “Who cares if it worked with Deadpool? I’ve got an even BETTER idea that’ll make even MORE money!”

“What idea is that, sir?”

Green Lantern 2: Just Fork Over Your Money And Deal With It”

And people would probably still pay for it, I shit you not.

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