Will Arnett Keeps Roasting ‘Arrested Development’ Co-Star Jason Bateman With These Amazing Photos

Will Arnett appeared on CONAN last night and got to talking about his Arrested Development co-star Jason Bateman. Jason and Will are friends off screen, so all of this harassment and roasting comes from a place of love. And I’d known for a while that Will Arnett loves to roast Jason Bateman, but I didn’t know the depths of his trolling until I saw the clip above.

Jason Bateman and Will Arnett have a group text with a few other people where they send life updates, funny memes, and roast each other (celebrities, they’re just like us!). At some point in the recent past, Will Arnett tracked down these childhood modeling/acting photos of Jason Bateman appearing in Teen Beat and texted them while Jason was on set. And Jason wasn’t just on set as an actor, he was also directing when he received these pics from his Arrested Development TV brother Gob Bluth. Will knew this and waited to group text the photographs until this day when Jason was insanely busy because he wanted to catch him at his most off guard. Jason’s response ‘you’ve ruined my day’.

Side note: does Will Arnett’s voice sound off in this interview with Conan? He’s got one of the most recognizable voices in show business. I shit you not, I was once in the West Village waiting for a lunch reservation at this restaurant off Hudson when I hear Will’s voice and knew it was him without even seeing the man’s face. I turn around and there he is, with the nanny, pushing one or two newborn babies in a stroller.

That’s how recognizable Will’s voice is. You don’t even need to see his face to know it’s him EVEN IF YOU’VE NEVER MET HIM. In this interview, it kind of sounds like Will’s either losing his voice, has recently lost his voice, or is just getting older and his voice is changing. The only reason I ask is because those iconic windpipes are a huge aspect of his acting career, so it would certainly sting his choice of acting roles if he lost his voice….Maybe it’s nothing, just figured I’d ask.