Jay-Z’s Alleged Mistress Released A Beyonce Diss Track And It Sucks

Side chicks be trifling. Last month, Life & Style did a piece about “Jay-Z’s Alleged Mistress,” and featured pics of this girl YesLivCan. Wonder if that’s her birth name.

Seeing an opportunity to make a name for herself, YLC decided to stretch out her fifteen minutes by throwing shade at Mrs. Carter. If you come at the Queen, you best not miss, and I’d say this is a noticeable miss.

She starts off the song by saying she was going to respect Bey, but since she “crossed over into my lane,” she’s gotta “check” her. I have no idea what that means, but sure.

You gotta respect her rhymes though. In her first bars, she manages to rhyme “life and style” with… “life and style.”

She goes on to assert that she is not, and never will be anyone’s side chick. She and Jay never banged, they simply connected over music. HA. Okay, lady. The rest of the song just becomes an exercise in how many times she can insert a Jay-Z lyric into her own song. If I wanted to listen to a bunch of Jay-Z lyrics, I’d go listen to a Jay-Z song.

While the name of the song is “Sorry Mrs. Carter,” she does NOT sound very apologetic. She goes so far as accusing Bey of not being a good example for young girls. “It’s time to teach these girls how to be wives.” What? Fine, whatever, but then she critcizes Bey singing about surfboarts. You just crossed a damn line YLC, a line that you do not want to cross, I promise you that.

My favorite part of the video is the info under the video –

Thank god she set the record straight.

Take a listen for yourself. I’ll be impressed if you make it all the way through.