Watch Jennifer Lawrence Jam 10 Marshmallows In Her Mouth, Share Her Gross Bathroom Habits

Jennifer Lawrence is a woman of many talents.

With Hunger Games promotion now in full effect, Jennifer Lawrence and her co-stars Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson sat down for a little “campfire talk” with MTV.

As is often the case (at least when we were kids) with “campfire talks” the trio played a little game of “Truth or Dare.” With “Truth” being selected and the question being “What’s your most annoying habit?” Lawrence decided to volunteer the fact that she doesn’t wash her hands after going to the bathroom. To which Hemsworth added, “And then she likes to put her hands over your face.” Uh, nasty.

That wasn’t the only pee-pee talk Lawrence discussed though. She also admitted that she’s peed in a sink, thanks to a “fan” question from Amy Schumer, who asked, “Have you ever peed in a bidet?”

“This is an ongoing conversation with me and Amy,” said J-Law. “I’ll take it one step forward. I’ve peed in some sinks. When two girls go into a bathroom, someone’s got to take sink and I actually like taking sink.”

Hutcherson, quick to respond, said, “That’s not true. One can wait.” To which Lawrence doubled back with, “One could wait. But if the one waiting is me, she’s going in the sink.”

Oh yeah, she also predicted she could jam 8 marshmallows into her mouth. She ended up beating that estimate by two. Watch…