Jimmy Fallon Had Puppies Predict The College Football Playoff Championship, So Why Even Play The Game?

Oregon and Ohio State will play for college football supremacy on Monday night. It’s going to be a tremendous amount of wasted time and money since we already know who is going to win, thanks to Jimmy Fallon.

The Tonight Show host had puppies predict the victor on his show last night. Adorable, innocent and cuddly puppies.

Now, normally I’d rely on common sense here and say you can’t trust a bunch of animals to accurately predict a sporting event. But considering the amount of money I lost picking football games this season, I’m inclined to believe they know something I don’t.

/Puts a few paychecks on the Ducks’ moneyline.

//Studies dognapping laws in case it doesn’t work out.

[H/T: The Tonight Show]