John Oliver Is So Sick Of FIFA And That ‘Asshole’ Sepp Blatter

John Oliver is always burning on something. You name it, he (and his writers) have a problem with it. Oftentimes it’s hard to conjure up the same type of outrage he does.

But not this time. Not with FIFA.

The late-night funnyman delivered yet another blistering takedown of the corrupt organization last night, reserving most of his energy for the cartoonish Sepp Blatter.

OK, those are admittedly two easy targets considering the events of last week.

That doesn’t make it any less hilarious. I mean, hell, we have people out there citing Onion articles in their defense.

The ridiculousness is already at Defcon 1 — a situation ripe for eviscerating-destroying-obliterating. That’s like wagging raw meat in front of a caged tiger. You knew Oliver was going to pounce.

And we’re glad it didn’t disappoint.

[H/T: The Daily Beast]