Johnnie Walker’s ‘Entourage’-Themed April Fools Day Bottle Really Should Be Real

April Fools Day is cruel. Things you WANT to be real are just a clever ruse for media attention. Remember a couple years ago when someone put up a poster about In & Out Burger coming to New York City? The whole damn city nearly lost its mind in excitement, which was really just an A++ gag.

The blended scotch masterminds at Johnnie Walker have another product that we wish was real: The Johnny Drama label, in honor of the Entourage movie. Here’s the press pitch that landed in my inbox this morning: 

There’s Johnnie Red, Johnnie Black and now…Johnnie Walker is pleased to announce its newest offering, theJohnny Drama Blend. A partnership between the world’s number one Scotch whisky brand and the Entourage movie has given Johnny “Drama” Chase the bragging rights of having his own face on a set of limited edition bottles.

The partnership with the film provides a powerful opportunity for Johnnie Walker to bring to life the spirit of its ‘Keep Walking’ campaign. What makes Entourage so relatable, yet still aspirational, is that the story revolves around a group of friends and their unrelenting pursuit of success.

“It’s been a journey to find the right person to bring to life the meaning of the ‘Keep Walking’ campaign,” explains Brian Cox, Director of Scotch Whisky for Diageo North America. “Then, we partnered with the new movie Entourage and all the stars aligned. We had the opportunity to work with Johnny Chase, a man who embodies the spirit of personal progress. Drama has faced misstep after misstep, but he continues to put himself back out there, and always with a positive attitude. And, as Entourage fans know, he is a true fan of Johnnie Walker Scotch whisky.”

From career flops (ahem, Johnny’s Bananas) to starring roles, personal downfalls to epic conquests (“Victory!”), Johnny “Drama” Chase continues to persevere with unrelenting optimism, earning him the bragging rights of having his face on the bottle.

Featuring someone’s face on a bottle – fictitious or otherwise – is a departure for the Johnnie Walker brand, which is a globally recognizable luxury brand. The Johnny Drama Label will be available for a limited time with a suggested retail price of $65.15 to honor the movie’s 6.5.15 release date.

Think it’s not real? Pssshhhh…. You just gotta know the right people:

Now I hope 99 Bananas comes up with a special edition Entourage bottle to honor Johnny Bananas. Keep the tributes coming…

This damn movie can’t get here soon enough.

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