Did David Ayer Base His Depiction Of The Joker And Harley Quinn On Rap Group, Die Antwoord?

With the lackluster response that Suicide Squad has received, it seems like every other day there’s some sort of ‘scandal’ in order for the film to stay relevant. One of the common complaints of the film involves the underwhelming inclusion of the Joker as well as his unclear relationship with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. The full extent of their troubling relationship is indecisively depicted in the film, and that could possibly be due to the studio wanting to inspire young Goths across the world with their Sid and Nancy esque relationship. Enter Die Antwoord, a South African rap duo made up of ‘Ninja’ and ‘Yolandi Visser’ who are primarily known for their…  interesting music videos.

The duo also appeared in the 2015 film Chappie. Yolandi recently took to Instagram to directly call out David Ayer for ‘jocking their style.’ Die Antwoord isn’t claiming that the Joker and Harley Quinn’s dynamic is based on the rap group, but rather that their appearance is directly influenced by Die Antwoord. This case is quite similar to Riff Raff claiming that James Franco stole his look during the filming of Spring Breakers. So do Die Antwoord have a case, or are they simply trying to make some waves?


I’ve gotta say that the Instagram video does make a decent case. That along with Yolandi’s claim that David Ayer had contacted the duo beforehand also gives her claim some validity. While I doubt this dispute will be taken to court, it’s definitely pretty interesting and I want to see where it goes. Or… could this be the set up for Suicide Squad 2: Suicide Boogaloo?

[h/t Pitchfork]