Jon Stewart Returned To TV To Rant About Trump, Fox News, And People Who Cry About Wanting Their Country Back

Last night after Donald Trump delivered his fiery speech at the RNC, Jon Stewart crashed Stephen Colbert’s Late Show to deliver an old school, Daily Show-esque monologue skewering Trump and his followers. It’s vintage Jon Stewart, who left the Daily Show desk over a year ago, effectively benching himself from a Presidential election cycle that’s become a shitshow of a three-ring circus .

Stewart’s post-RNC rant torches Donald Trump, the RNC, and Fox News, with Stewart using a new, amazing nickname for pundit Sean Hannity — “Lumpy and Friends.”

Pretty much the perfect way to briefly come out of retirement. And for those keeping track, here is your moment of zen:

“You sure as hell don’t own respect for the bravery of military, police, and firefighters. Trust me — I saw a lot of people on the floor in Cleveland with their Blue Lives Matter rhetoric who actively fought against the 9/11 first responders bill re-authorization. I see you and I see your bullshit…”

Enjoy your retirement, Jon.