Jon Stewart Showed Up On ‘Raw’ And Did Something To Seth Rollins That Every Wrestling Fan Dreams Of Doing

Jon Stewart and Seth Rollins have been having a war of words for the past few weeks. First, Seth Rollins took some cheap shots at the departing host of The Daily Show. Stewart sent some mouth missiles back which prompted Rollins to show up at the tail end of a Daily Show taping.

With Raw coming from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, Stewart needed to regain the edge, to defend himself and his home state.

The segment kicked off with Seth Rollins behind a fake Daily Show desk. Seth takes a cheap shot at Newark, NJ and the entire crowd laughs, because yeah, Newark blows.

Rollins calls out Jon Stewart, saying he could do Stewart’s job better than he ever could and gets in a couple of good zingers about the movie he directed, New Jersey and…

CUE THE DAILY SHOW MUSIC! Stewart hits the ring. Let’s enjoy.

Stewart with a vicious kick to the balls and a few killer digs on Rollins like calling him a “SWAT team stripper with Lady Gaga hair.” Killer.

And Stewart wasn’t kidding, I curb stomped my mom every morning before I left for school.

I also would kick her in the nuts and run. It’s a show of respect.