Is It Just Me Or Is Kevin Bacon Looking Really Fat Lately?

Here I am, doing my usual nothing at work when I stumble across one of the most horrifying things I’ve seen in a while. No, it wasn’t a picture of Farrah Abraham and no, it wasn’t another nudie movie of Kim Kardashian’s butt going to town on some rapper’s dick.

It was Kevin Bacon.

“What?” you say, clearly confused. “What’s wrong with Kevin Bacon? His name has the word ‘bacon’ in it and I love bacon!” I too love bacon, young BroBible reader. But when my bacon looks like this, it makes my asshole drop a rocky load rather than making my mouth water.


Is it prosthetics? Is it for a movie role? Or did Kevin Bacon just get really, really fat in the face? I don’t know the answers because I’m not Kevin Bacon. But really…what the fuck, Kevin.