Here’s a 14-Year-Old Justin Bieber Singing “One Less Lonely N****r” And Joking About Joining the KKK

Five years ago, Justin Bieber sang a parody of his “One Less Lonely Girl” which included a racial slur. Here is video of that poor choice, courtesy of TMZ.

Bieber and his team tell TMZ … they want this video out, because he wants to own what he did.

We’re told when Justin was 14 … he had seen a random video online in which a comedian parodied his song, “One Less Lonely Girl,” but the guy replaced the word “girl” with the -nword.
Justin then parodied the parody … right on camera.

We’re told years ago Justin told both Usher and Will Smith about the videos, saying he knew almost immediately it was a stupid thing to do … Usher took him into a room and showed him historically racist videos to drive home how hurtful these words can be.

Bieber’s team claims multiple people have tried to extort him over the content of this video and the singer now wants to accept responsibility for his actions.

We’ll see how that strategy plays out in the court of public opinion.