Justin Bieber Got To See The ‘Entourage’ Movie Before You, Because Nothing Is Sacred

The world is a cruel, cruel place. Diva d-bag celebrities like Justin Bieber get to see the Entourage movie before true fans and the Bro population of the world.

Life sucks. Bieber was like 8-years-old when the show came out. He’ll never be able to appreciate it like those of us who came of age watching the show. DON’T STEAL OUR GLORY YEARS, BIEBER.

I hate everything so much right now. I want to see this movie SO BAD yet dweebs like Justin Bieber get to see it first. Does this *kind of* make you lose a little bit of respect for Marky Mark for giving the dude an invite to a screening before the rest of the world?

That said, I would pay $50 PPV to see Johnny Drama and Biebs square off in a boxing ring.

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