The Kanye West 911 Call Has Been Released, Dispatcher Calls Situation A ‘Psychiatric Emergency’

Kanye West’s mental and emotional breakdown has been the big news of the day as the star was taken to UCLA Medical Center to undergo psychiatric evaluation on Monday.

Now, audio of the 911 call that sent emergency personnel to his trainer Harley Pasternak’s home after Kanye was reportedly “acting erratically” has been released.

In the audio you can hear the dispatcher refer to the situation as a “psychiatric emergency” as it all unfolded.

Paramedics eventually arrived at the scene around 1:20 PM and resulted in Kanye being handcuffed to a stretcher and taken to a hospital.

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TMZ caught up with Kanye’s trainer Harley Pasternak late Monday night, but he didn’t really have much news to report on Kanye’s condition at the time.

Thankfully, Kanye at least has one person in his corner as he goes through this trying time: his mother-in-law Kris Jenner. What’s that? She was annoyed that his hospitalization ruined her night? You don’t say?

According to a source for ‘She spent most of it pacing up and down in the lobby on her phone surrounded by security guards so nobody could get too close.’

The Momager was reportedly trying to deal with the situation all night event held at the event held at Cipriani Wall Street in New York City and was even hoping to board a plane later on in the evening along with daughters Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian.

The source added that Kris was definitely upset and seemed to be stressed as they added: ‘Kris was in the room for the speeches but was in the lobby for most of the rest of the event.’

No doubt the rough past few weeks are getting to Kris as the source said: ‘I overheard her in the ladies’ toilets on the phone saying “Great, another thing, another thing ruined for us. This was supposed to be a nice evening for us and everything is ruined because of Kanye.”’

Oh well, at least someone in his profession, 50 Cent has his back, right? Dammit. 0-for-2.


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